Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Bernier Mask Los Angeles Kings’ goaltender Jonathan Bernier can finally ditch the plain sticker look he was sporting on his new CCM mask now that a new one from artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt is on the way.

Bernier returned from a lockout stint in Germany clad head to toe in the new CCM line, which debuted here back in September after InGoal’s trip to Montreal to see Carey Price unveil the new CCM equipment line including a visit to the factory of famed designers Michel and Patrick Lefevre, a sneak peak at Bernier’s first set of EXtreme-Flex Pro pads and gloves, and the first public look at the mask that will hit the market this spring.

Unfortunately Bernier, who lives near the Lefevre factory and is a regular visitor, could not get a new Kings mask painted fast enough after the lockout’s sudden ending, so he started the regular season with the new CCM mask wrapped in Kings stickers.

Like Price when he first tried it, Bernier raved about the sight lines when he talked with the popular Major’s Manor blog about his new mask, including the fact he no longer needs to wear a dangler with it. InGoal will have a complete review of the mask, including some innovative new fit features the Lefevres showed us back in September, in an upcoming issue. For now, though, enjoy the new look Bernier will sport on it.

As Bernier noted in the Major’s Manor blog, the new one won’t have the Hollywood logo like previous editions after a silly dispute over copyright. But it does maintain the Lion at the top, which Bernier also has tattooed on his shoulder because he is a Leo.

“On all Jonathan’s regular LA Kings masks we have always created a lion on the top, and here we have made him more aggressive than ever,” Gunnarsson wrote on a Facebook posting for the mask. “The only colors I used on this mask was black and white, very fun to create. On the rest of the mask Jonathan wanted a tribute to the city of Los Angeles. If you look close into one of the logos on the sides you will see it is opened up and there you see the LA skyline. I just love to paint a lot of details and build in a story into the designs. As usual, lots and lots of details and special FX. Among all the details you will find California palms.”

Enjoy close up photos of Bernier’s new mask below, and you can find more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork on both his website and on his Twitter feed. And for all the new masks in the NHL this season, be sure to visit out InGoal’s mask page, which includes an old Bernier tribute to Rogie Vachon:

Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Bernier Mask

Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Bernier Mask

Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Bernier Mask

Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Bernier Mask

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