Winnipeg Jets goaltender Al Montoya 2012-13 maskThe return of the Winnipeg Jets to the NHL has made for some memorable airplane-themed masks over the last year.

The latest take on the franchise’s name comes courtesy of new Winnipeg backup Al Montoya and his long-time personal artist, Ray Bishop of Bishop Custom Designs, and it lives up to the high standards set by Jets goaltenders Ondrej Pavelec, Chris Mason and David Aebischer last season.

Montoya’s new look features the tooth-filled mouth of a cartoon jet wrapped aggressively around the mask’s cage, with smoking exhaust pipes coming out the side, a Jets logo on the forehead between menacing (and sparking) eyes, and even some bullet holes mixed in with the rivets and metal of the plane below the chin:

Winnipeg Jets goaltender Al Montoya 2012-13 mask

The old-school fighter jet is featured in its entirety on his backplate, smoking a cigar above his nickname, “Big Cubano,” and the initials of family members. Together it┬ápays homage to the Cuban heritage that Montoya takes so much pride in, something that has been featured on his past masks as well, including last year’s lid while with the New York Islanders:

Winnipeg Jets goaltender Al Montoya 2012-13 mask

There’s one more full-sized photo below, but be sure to also check out more of Bishop’s work on the company website, as well as “liking” his Facebook page, and following him on Twitter:

Winnipeg Jets goaltender Al Montoya 2012-13 mask

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9 Responses to Montoya’s New Winnipeg Mask: The Big Cubano Flies a Fighter Jet

  1. Collarbone says:

    There is one problem with this mask. There are no jets on it anywhere. The backplate has a propeller plane and the front does as well. I may be wrong but I don’t think that jets have exhaust pipes like that.

  2. Duder says:

    Any slight loss in accuracy is more than made up for via plentiful badassery. Hopefully I get to see it in action this year…

  3. azur says:

    straight BADASS!! really like the red pin striping around the jet logo makes the logo pop way more overall kick ass mask kinda reminds me of masons from last year

  4. David leroux says:

    that mask is sooooooooooooooo sick!!! great job on that one Ray!! sweet

  5. Garland Goalie says:

    The design is a jet wth are you taking about collarbone? Anywho, this thing looks clean!

  6. John George says:

    Glad to see the American Flag on the plane since it is an American Jet & Paint scheme.

  7. Pylons15 says:

    Garland Goalie: Dude, Collarbone was right – that is clearly a prop on the backplate.

  8. 3m says:

    Pak man to the Peg!

  9. Dan Anderson says:

    David Aebischer is part of the Jets organization???

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