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D​​evan Dubnyk returns for his third instalment of Pro Reads, and if we learned anything from the first two break downs of poke-check preferences, it’s that the big San Jose Sharks stopper should not be restricted to the norms, whether it’s save selections or explaining them.

Dubnyk’s lessons on the poke check were so good they required two parts, and it would have been easy to split up this sequence of saves he makes against an Anaheim Ducks power play into five or even six parts. The video session lasts more than 15 minutes – and that’s just for one power play, plus a little bit of breakdown from the delayed penalty time that precedes it!

In it, Dubnyk discussed everything from picking lanes to manage traffic, stick use on sharp-angle attacks in tight, choosing whether to skate or slide on lateral plays — there are two on this power play alone and he uses both – a sharp-angle, rush attack with pass options, a trio of one-timers and quick shots in the slot, and managing the rebounds from all of it.

So rather than picking out the specific saves and situations for separate sections and doing our usual slow walk through of each scenario, asking you to consider the options and consider how you would play it, we’re just going to load up one big video and let you enjoy it all at once:

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