Joey Daccord Photo: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

With Joey Daccord getting called up and making his Seattle Kraken debut last week, and the eyes of the hockey world on the NHL’s newest franchise when they played their first home game over the weekend, it made sense to go back to Daccord for this week’s Pro Reads. As excited as we are to have fresh footage of Daccord in Seattle’s sweet new colors for future video reviews — and despite losing that Kraken debut to New Jersey, Daccord played very well giving up three goals when the Devils generated 4.68 expected goals on 32 shots and finishing with a save percentage 5.8% above expected, according to Clear Sight Analytics – we don’t want to waste any of the old breakdowns from his time with the Ottawa Senators.

As InGoal Premium members have learned through his first three Pro Reads entries, Daccord does a great job taking us into the crease with him while analyzing his saves.


Daccord made his Pro Reads debut in spectacular fashion by breaking down a Connor McDavid breakaway and sharing what it’s like to stare down the world’s best player, and his latest entry also focuses on McDavid attacking with speed, if not quite in alone … at least not to start.

With McDavid cutting down the wing, what do you make of Daccord’s depth and still being in the blue ice? By the time that it’s clear McDavid has the defense beat, Daccord has adjusted:

In addition to Daccord’s depth decision, do you have any thoughts on the way he’s setting up in a narrower stance here, and why that might be? What other factors come into play in terms of McDavid’s angle and the fact he’s a left shot that might affect how you would play this?


 Now let’s take a look at the entire sequence to let you see how it plays out in real time:

Watching everything in real time, do any of your answers change from above. Watch it again and see if you can spot anything about McDavid’s body position as he gets in tight, anything about the way he moved that hinted he was going to try to cut across the crease?


Now let’s get Daccord’s thoughts on the entire play and why he managed it that way.

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