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Curtis McElhinney Image Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire

InGoal Radio Episode 144
with Curtis McElhinney

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Episode 144 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features recently retired 2X Stanley Cup Champion Curtis McElhinney.

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena,  McElhinney talks about moving into retirement ad his 16-year pro career. The coaches who had an influence on his game the rigours of the pro game – including coming back from a broken pelvis, his two Championships with Tampa and what it’s like to have a front row seat working with Andrei Vasilevskiy, and much more. McElhinney is currently working as a goaltending coach with Mountain High Hockey, including remote video review for goalies of all ages. You can reach Curits via Instagram where you can see some of his analysis now and contact him through DM.

All that, plus a trip back to The Hockey Shop Source for Sports for a deep drive into Warrior’s second price point chest and arm protectors the Ritual X3 E+ and E Senior units.

You may also enjoy his first appearance on the InGoal Radio Podcast, way back in Episode 28: