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Episode 71 Kevin Weekes

Photos: InGoal / Scott Slingsby

InGoal Radio Episode 153
with Spencer Martin

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Episode 153 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features a in-depth interview with Vancouver Canucks goalie Spencer Martin.

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, Martin shares his experiences on the Taxi Squad of the two-time Stanley Cup champion Tamp Bay Lightning, his surprise at receiving a Stanley Cup ring the day before this interview, and advice on keeping it safe for the rest of the road trip. Speaking of Taxi Squads, Martin got called up from the Canucks reserves to the main roster less than 12 hours after talking to us, an InGoal bump if we’ve ever seen one, and shared some of the changes he’s made this season with Vancouver, including a great breakdown of Ian Clark’s 3-stance system and how it works. 

All that, plus a return trip to The Hockey Shop Source for Sports for an overview of glove breaks with help from Edmonton Oilers goalie Stuart Skinner and Cam, who explains how the common 600, 590 and 580 terminology fits and feels on your hand, as well as identifying the equivalents breaks in other brands and models.