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Episode 71 Kevin Weekes

InGoal Radio Episode 182
with James Reimer

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Episode 182 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features a couple of great guests from our week at the NET360 Goalie Camp put on by Alpha Hockey in Kelowna: James Reimer of the San Jose Sharks and multi-dimensional therapist Brandy Osborne. 

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, we catch up with Reimer on the podcast for the first time in more than three years, a span that has seen him work with three different goalie coaches, and soon to be a fourth with new Sharks goalie coach Thomas Speer, who was also at NET360 and is also a past podcast guest. Reimer shared some great insights into how he has found a balance between embracing new ideas from all his new goalie coaches at the NHL level without abandoning the foundation that has helped him thrive for more than 10 years in the League. He also shares some great insights into the evolution of his game and his equipment, including a look at how pros tinker with new lines (in his case the new Bauer Mach) and try to figure out if they want to add the new features to specs they’ve always used and been comfortable with.

As an added bonus, we also caught up with Osborne, who started working at NET360 as a massage therapist years ago and now brings so much more as part of her never-ending path to provide better ways for her athletes to manage their health and their mindset on and off the ice. It’s an approach she calls the Elemental Being ( https://theelementalbeing.com ) and it has been embraced by goalies at the camp and from the CHL to the NHL, including some great takeaways she shares in this interview that you can try for yourself, including breathing to reset yourself and a sensory warm up. 

All that, plus our weekly plus a trip to The Hockey Shop Source for Sports for a look at the new True TF7 goal skates, a second price point option with some features popular right up to the NHL.