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If you were anything like us while listening to Scott Wedgewood deliver a detailed breakdown of the evolution of his game and technique on the InGoal Radio Podcast, you were probably screaming in the back of your mind: “Get this guy doing Pro Reads, please!”

(If you haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to listen)

Thankfully, the Dallas Stars stopper obliged by sitting down for a video breakdown session and, much like his podcast appearance, it was loaded with valuable insights goalies will love.


Wedgewood’s Pro Reads debut features a power play against one his former teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and a tough decision against Steven Stamkos and his lethal one-timer.

It’s not the best freeze frame because Stamkos isn’t completely in the picture yet (but wait any longer, and we give away the answer) but can you see any clues as to whether he might pass or shoot? Take another look at it from another camera angle here:
Again, not exactly a crystal-clear image, but can you spot any clues on shot or pass here?


Now watch the save footage and see if your guess was right:

Did you spot any more clues watching it unfold in real time? What did you make of the way Wedgewood moved, both on the initial pass to Stamkos and after he one-touched it into the middle of the slot to Brayden Point? Beyond the pass or shoot option, what did you think of Wedgewood’s push back in to the middle, and more particularly, how deep he stays?

Can you think of any reasons, beyond a lack of time, that Wedgewood would sit back like this with such a talented player receiving the puck in such a dangerous spot in the middle of the ice? Any idea which side Point is most likely to shoot at here? (If you already listened to Wedgewood on the recent podcast, you have an advantage trying to answer that one).


Now let’s check in with Wedgewood on both the pass anticipation and depth decision:

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