Episode 71 Kevin Weekes

InGoal Radio Episode 201
with Thomas Milic

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Episode 201 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features a fantastic interview with World Junior Championship gold-medal winner Thomas Milic.

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, Milic shares some behind-the-scenes insights into that memorable championship run with Canada, including some great advice on how to embrace the stress of some incredibly pressure-packed moments and instil confidence in your teammates. Milic also talked about his technical and tactical progression leading up to this moment, including his impressive use of an overlap technique he didn’t really love at first but learned in part through InGoal Premium and used so effectively in the tournament. And yes, we talk about size and the misconceptions that come with being a 6-foot goalie, and how he manages it so well even if NHL teams used it as a reason to pass him over in his first two NHL Draft, a mistake that seems unlikely to be repeated this summer.

All that, plus a trip to the new location of The Hockey Shop Source for Sports (now in Langley) for some valuable insights — and necessary parts — to help breathe new life into your mask and make sure it lasts longer (and stinks less) while still keeping you safe.

photo thanks to Thomas Milic