Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Matt Murray managed to make it all the way back from hip surgery at the start of the season to play a handful of games in the American Hockey League, and while the future remains up in the air for a pending unrestricted free agent coming off a significant injury, there are no doubts about Murray’s status here as a Pro Reads favourite.
Processing the game has been a big part of Murray winning the Stanley Cup twice already.
“I see my game as one where my athleticism is not necessarily my strongest suit, so these reads are kind of the equalizer for a guy like me,” Murray said during his hour-long film session with InGoal. “I’ve for the size and I’ve got the brain for it — I read the play well — but there are a lot of guys in the League that are a lot more athletic than I am and it’s a good lesson for young goalies that there are other equalizers, you don’t always have to be just the best athlete. Being good with these types of reads and little technical details can really help your game.”
Murray has been exceptional in this format after that extended sit-down last summer, starting with a master class on managing screens in his debut before moving onto deflections, net play, post integration and managing a multiple-stance system.


This time Murray breaks down footage of a partial 2-on-1 rush against the Tampa Bay Lightning:

The puck isn’t even in the zone yet, but Murray is already gathering information back in his crease. What are the key elements you would be looking for in the freeze frame above?
Would you believe that Murray has already read pass or shoot by the second freeze frame above? What information do you see that might go into that read already?


Of course, speed matters on any rush, so watch this one at full speed and see if you can pick out the clues on whether the puck carrier, Corey Perry, is passing, shooting or even deking?
Perhaps more importantly, when do you know? And why?

What did you make of Murray’s depth on this rush? Did you notice a shift in his approach to it?
What other keys can you identify that helped him make that point-blank save?


Now, let’s hear how Murray break it down and share when and how he anticipated a shot.

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