Pro-Reads: Cal Petersen awareness and reads with help from the pre-scout

Today we welcome a new pro to the InGoal ProReads team, Los Angeles King Cal Petersen. Chatting with us for the first time, he jumped in with both feet, first doing a lengthy podcast interview with Kevin Woodley before taking on several different proreads. Our first is a 6 on 5 sequence against the Pittsburgh Penguins where he sees Evgeni Malkin with two different one-timer looks.

The Scenario

Today’s read isn’t a single play but a series as Petersen faces the vaunted Penguins offence in a 6 on 5 scenario. While there isn’t a single situation to set up we will let you know that there end up being two different passes to Malkin standing in his one-T spot. They are both similar to the scene below but some subtle changes in Petersen’s read help him identify two different outcomes – both, of course, resulting in saves.

Have a look below and consider, what is the likely play as Malkin will soon receive the puck? How would you prepare for it? And we’ll give you a hint on his reads: what movement in the net-front Penguins might change that read and Malkin’s most-likely play?

The Pro-Read

Below you can enjoy a brief segment from Peterson’s four and a half minute read of the play and his save. In the full video available to members, you’ll learn how the pre-scout with his coach Bill Ranford helped with his read and save, giving him that small advantage needed to take on the best players in the game.


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