Pro-Reads: Jake Allen Reads Through Traffic

Jake Allen of the St. Louis Blues sat down with us for over an hour to go through ProReads to share with our InGoal Members.  Today we bring you the first, a challenging multi-tip point shot that moved from an original read of short-side to a final save far-side with his blocker.
Allen described the save as “pretty straightforward.”

The Scenario

This one is a single play that begins just before the image below. As always, the image is only static and as we will see in the save below, there’s a lot to this dynamic situation involved in getting a proper read. Still, it’s interesting to look and imagine what Allen has to deal with at this moment. What might have happend half a second before that would influence his thoughts? What might change here in an instant? How would you be playing this?

The Pro-Read

Allen’s full ProRead talks about how he made the save but he and Kevin Woodley also spend a good deal of time discussing strategies for looking past and around screens and what influences his choices in finding the best side to look.


To our guests, we share this brief intro to Allen’s read as he begins to discuss dealing with traffic in front and the specific scenario here. To see the full read – and more than 80 other original articles here at InGoal, we invite you to become a Member today.


In ProReads segments our Premium Members enjoy a much richer experience, including seeing multiple angles of the original play so that they can try to make their own read, before the full-length ProRead where you learn how allen prefers to look around screens.

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