Off-Ice: Maria Mountain on training for a harder shot

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When Maria Mountain kindly offered to produce some content for InGoal Premium Members – and Maria is a member herself, joining in the first weeks of our launch – one of the questions I posed was, “how can we improve our shot?”

It seemed like a great topic, knowing that goaltenders everywhere want to train to make that long breakout pass and of course to hit that empty net goal, just as we saw Pekka Rinne do this season. What we got back from Maria was this excellent video which begins and ends with: shoot more pucks. Every week. And she rightly makes the point that we should focus on puckhandling, not just shooting. 

In between Maria shares a couple of exercises that will build specific strength that will help beyond just shooting for the empty net at the other end. 

The video indicates the number of reps of each exercise to complete but it does not prescribe the number of sets, or how often to do them so we reached back to Maria who responded, “I program these as supplemental drills during workouts, 2 – 3 times per week. You can start with just the one set and build up to three sets of each exercise.”

Maria welcomes your questions in the comments below or email us [email protected] and we’ll pass them on to her!

Now grab a piece of paper to take a few notes over the next 15 minutes or so and enjoy another great lesson from Maria Mountain. 

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