Mike Condon: planned desperation leads to back door robbery

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Mike Condon provided one of our favorite Pro Reads to date when he broke down his Winter Classic save in front of friends and family as part of the storied rivalry between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. So, we’re going back to Condon for another breakdown, his third overall and his second from his three seasons with the Ottawa Senators.

Condon’s body may have let him down the past two seasons, something he discussed at length on the InGoal Radio Podcast last summer, but there’s little doubt about his ability to process the game and the role it played in a pro career few expected to materialize.

The Save

In this sequence against the Winnipeg Jets power play, Condon shares some insights into three different parts: the original screen, the rebound and a rule of thumb on why he’d like to have controlled it, and the resulting desperation on an empty-net backdoor chance.

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Maybe then “planned desperation” is a better term, at least for some situations. Condon reviews some of his guidelines for these situations while breaking down the save:

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