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Frederik Andersen Pro-Read: Rush chance from Buffalo’s Skinner leads to broken play scramble

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This is the fourth of several Pro Reads featuring Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen.

Frederik Andersen was one of the first goaltenders to sit down with InGoal for our Pro-Reads segment and he was happy to take some time over Kevin Woodley’s laptop to review video having already been aware of the series and our goal to help goaltenders learn to read the game through the eyes of the pros. 

We’ve already looked at an odd-man chance with options vs. Jeff Skinner and the Buffalo Sabres, a net drive off the rush from the Vegas Golden Knights, and making a difficult glove save in a scramble vs. the Arizona Coyotes.  Today Skinner and the Sabres return to Pro-Reads with Andersen for his fourth read, one that comes with a textbook read that can be a lesson for goaltenders at all levels in the game before a scramble ensues that requires great instincts, a measured response where patience and balance lead to more frustration for Skinner.

The Save

Now let’s take a look at the entire sequence from first save to the ongoing scramble as somehow Skinner turns this into not one but two scoring chances.

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