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Jake Allen Pro-Read: penalty kill 2-on-1

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This Pro-Read is published the day after Jake Allen took the net in the first round of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, delivering an overtime win to help his St. Louis Blues, now trailing 2 games to 1,  pull closer to Vancouver in their series.

After a strong performance from Allen it seemed sitting to be releasing this Pro-Read today – the fourth installment from a nearly hour-long session conducted remotely during the NHL pause. To learn more from Allen check out his looks at Reads Through Traffic, Understanding Shooters Tendencies, and  Post Integration and Patience vs. Jonathan Toews.

The Save

Now take a moment to watch the situation play out. See if Allen plays it as you would have from the initial image above. As he makes the save, consider how challenging the shot was and what Allen does (and doesn’t do) to make the save.

Consider watching it through a few times as his decisions may not be as obvious the first time through and this is an increasingly common shot in the game today.

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