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Carey Rie looking down ice close up

Inspired by his play in the Montreal Canadiens playoff run, we continue to revisit summer camp sessions with Carey Price with some advice from the Habs star on butterfly recoveries.

it’s the latest reminder that the basic foundations of movement that helped Price backstop the Canadiens to the Stanley Cup Final are the same ones he taught to young goalies — and one beer leaguer — at the annual Eli Wilson Day with Price camps that InGoal attended. There’s a long list of Pro Drills and Pro Tips from Price already in the archives that Premium Members can access, and this latest instructional piece includes advice from two drills with recoveries.

The first drill is a simple movement pattern pushing off the post for a mimicked save (and we’ve noted in past articles that Price often likes to use what we called a Kickout Drill whenever he’s working on recovery movements) before recovering up out of the butterfly to the far post, then a quick push back to the top of the crease for a shot from the slot.

We’ll start with a walk through from Wilson and demonstration by Price below, and apologies if Wilson is hard to hear at points; the audio is from Carey’s mic and it dropped into his chest protector but you can hear clearly as he details the importance of Price’s stable base.

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