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Carey Price Kickout

Try this simple addition to your crease movement drills to make your recoveries more game-like

by Kevin Woodley
It was a subtle move first noticed by InGoal Magazine founder David Hutchison during Eli Wilson Goaltending’s first Day with Carey Price event in 2015: every time Price recovered from the butterfly after making an imaginary save, he kicked out the pad on the side he was recovering to.
It didn’t matter if Price was asked to start the drill on his knees and recover back to his post on his skates, or if he started on his skates and dropped to the butterfly before recovering to his posts from his knees. No matter the combination, Price kicked his pad out first.

InGoal asked Price to explain why he kicked out that imaginary puck later in the day.

“It’s just muscle memory,” Price said. “Whenever you are going that direction it’s usually because you’ve made a save and the rebound is going that way, so most likely you kicked out that leg and typically you are going that direction.”


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