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Author: InGoal Magazine Staff

Carey Price-Spec CCM Extreme Flex 3 Pads Available Now

CCM has teamed up with Carey Price to give goaltenders everywhere a sneak peek at the Extreme Flex 3 line that launches at retail next spring by offering a Limited Edition version of the set up Price wears in the NHL. There are only 250 of these Limited Edition pads and gloves available, and they truly are Carey Price spec. CCM went to great lengths to ensure it echoed the equipment Price is wearing with the Montreal Canadiens this season, including limiting the pads to Price’s NHL sizing, which is the equivalent of a 34+1. The similarities don’t end there....

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Emotional Anderson Shutout After Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis

Craig Anderson made an emotional return to the Ottawa Senators on Sunday. Anderson stopped 37 shots in a 2-0 shutout win over the Edmonton Oilers just days after leaving the team to be with his wife Nicholle after she was diagnosed with cancer. It was a performance measured not in great saves, but in the emotion that poured out of Anderson after, whether it was hugging with teammates after the final buzzer, or moment later during a tear-filled skate to accept First Star Honours from the Edmonton crowd and Oilers goalie Cam Talbot: In his first game back after finding out...

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Ben Bishop Loses Teeth On Shot, Finds Them In Mask

Watch hockey long enough and you think you’ve see it all, but even we gotta admit the sight of Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop fishing his teeth out of his mask after they were knocked out by a shot on Wednesday against the Toronto Maple Leafs was something new … and frankly, a little disgusting. This is the shot that does it: … and this is Bishop shaking out his mask and picking out pieces of tooth: So what the heck happened? Bishop didn’t appear to be entirely sure himself, saying he closed his eyes. Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper...

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InGoal Magazine’s 2016-17 Vezina Trophy Predictions

The NHL season has started, giving InGoal Magazine writers a sneak peak at a couple of key contenders before submitting their Vezina Trophy predictions for 2016-17. Of course prohibitive favourite and Montreal Canadiens superstar Carey Price has yet to play, missing the first two games of the season with what the team called a “severe case of flu, accompanied by fever” that required antibiotic, rest at home and daily evaluations by the team doctor. All of which is bound to have Canadiens fans, still smarting from a season without their saviour, sweating feverishly as well, and as much as...

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