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Innovation meets Performance as Customizer now Open

Winter Classic Pro Gear with Chris Driedger

‘Blatantly Stolen’ Bobrovsky Grip with a Custom Modification

Pro Gear: Marc-Andre Fleury Explains Unique Stick Grip

Wild goalie also has a uniquely shaped custom shoulder

Pro Gear: Nikita Tolopilo Stick Grip for Better Blocker Angle

You might assume the 6-foot-6 Tolopilo uses the knob to wrap his fingers around. You would be wrong.

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CCM Eflex 6

CCM Eflex 6

580-style break Stock! DRS PRO knee Without Sacrificing Flex!

Bauer KONEKT skates

Bauer KONEKT skates

🔓 Improved Flex = Better movements in a skate with a custom fit without any wait