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Episode 71 Kevin Weekes

InGoal Radio Episode 16
with Carey Price

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This week on InGoal Radio presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, we’re joined by one of the very best in the game, Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens. He took a number of listener questions from our social media accounts in addition to a few of our own in what is sure to be one of our most popular episodes. We were fortunate to get to know Carey at the Eli Wilson Goaltending “Day with Price” camp that Carey hosts each summer in August in Summerland, near Kelowna, BC and Carey talks a bit about why he enjoys going there (hint: it’s not because we are there).

Thanks to The Hockey Shop Source for Sports in Surrey, BC we are able to bring you this, and every, episode of InGoal Radio. Kevin visits Cam this week and talks about toe tie alternatives for those who want some aftermarket options.