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Carey Rie looking down ice close up

It started casually during a gap in the schedule, with the kids gathered around Carey Price like he was telling a campfire story as he grabbed a fresh stick and showed them how he taped it. 

It has since evolved into an annual tradition at the Eli Wilson Goaltending Day With Price, and usually takes place between the two ice sessions, after the kids have been through an off-ice session with Maria Mountain and sat down alongside Price to have lunch. Having Price tape up his CCM stick back in the locker room he shares with the kids is a perfect way to get the group talking and comfortable speaking up for the question-and-answer session that follows, many of which we shared during Episode 31 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, which also helps increase the chatter, camaraderie and comfort level for their second ice time with Price.
It also provides some previously unshared insights into how — and more importantly why — one of, if not the, world’s best goaltenders likes to tape his sticks, so we thought it was time to share it with everyone.
This is the video from the 2017 stick taping at the Eli Wilson Day With Price. As you’ll see, it wasn’t a stick Carey normally uses, and he explains some of the key differences at the end of the video. Perhaps the best part of the day, though, is the interaction with the kids, and over the five years, the questions about his stick has produced some valuable insights especially as he’s changed his preferences and model. 
We will continue to add some of those new insights in this post over the coming weeks, with short video clips below this main one, so keep checking back and keep an eye on social media for updates. 
For now, however, enjoy Carey Price taking you through a stick taping from start to finish.

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