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Ask the InGoal Goalie Dad:
“What can my goalie be doing at home to have fun and improve?”

It feels like we’ve been off the ice so long that you’re probably even missing having your teammates buzz the tower in warm-up! Don’t worry, we’ll get through this and you can take steps at home to be ready when we’re back doing what we love most.

This is our series Ask the Goalie Dad where our anonymous goalie parent shares his experiences with you.  Of course every situation and every family is different but we hope that by sharing his experience he will give you something to consider as you deal with the ups and downs of supporting your son or daughter. As always, hit us up in the comments below so that we can all learn from each other. You can send your questions – and they will remain anonymous – to [email protected] 


Question: “With rinks being closed, and seasons, group training and on-ice activity being canceled for now due to the coronavirus, my son is going stir crazy. I know that players can shoot hundreds of pucks each day to improve, but what can my goalie be doing at home to have fun and improve?”

Answer: This is a very timely question. But it also will be a relevant issue even after this current health crisis passes, because working out and training in creative ways outside of the rink could have longstanding developmental benefits.

First of all, taking a break for a few weeks is not a bad thing. Over-use injuries are a frequent occurrence in this Goalie Dad’s household. Near the end of last season, my daughter had developed a strained thigh muscle from her habit of tending to place weight on her left leg when getting up. So the last few weeks have been a godsend for her to heal that leg. For my son, keeping his hips from getting tight is a constant challenge, so not being on the ice so much this time of year helps him focus on resting, stretching and strengthening.

Which leads me to my next point. Being off the ice presents a great opportunity to stretch and strengthen. Additionally, much like we saw with that now viral (no pun intended) social media video of Sergei Bobrovsky catching balls in his front yard from a pitching machine, goalies can use this unusual time we are living in to work on hand-eye and coordination skills that will have a directly positive benefit on their play when they return to the ice.

We love the initiative of Cole Sheffield, a minor midget goaltender for the London Knights. Looks like he was practicing long before we were all forced off the ice but if you haven’t yet,  there’s no better time to start than today!

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There are lots of things a goalie can do at home to improve and be ready when we are all back on the ice . . .

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