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Carey Rie looking down ice close up

Our six-part series on modern tracking featuring Washington Capitals goaltending coach Scott Murray continues this week with a drill designed to promote the proper vision-first mechanics of lateral movement with Ilya Samsonov and ex-Capitals No. 1 Braden Holtby.

This is the fourth installment in the series, which is based on Murray’s presentation at the WHL / Hockey Canada Goaltending Symposium presented by InGoal Magazine earlier this summer, a partnership that allows us to bring it exclusively to our Premium Members now.

Murray shared three drills he used with Holtby in Part 1 highlighting a situational application of tracking designed to help the Vezina Trophy winner improve a specific aspect of his game — in that case a lack of success on lateral plays — on the path to winning the Stanley Cup in 2018, including a look at before-and-after video and statistics and some of the drills involved. Part 2 took a deeper look at a more foundational approach with Pheonix Copley, and in Part 3 last week, Murray introduced drills with all three goalies designed to get their focus on vision and tracking off a shot release, and make the new mechanics of those elements instinctive.

This week, Murray continues with that theme of trying to make sure vision is leading the way on some basic lateral movement drills, using unpredictable release timing to both reinforce the importance of proper tracking being the trigger for efficient movement, as well as sharing some of the obvious “tells” when the goalies initiate with “body first” mechanics instead:

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