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CCM launched its customizer for the new EFlex 5 on Wednesday, but what most may not realize is you can now also order your own customized set, so we wanted to check in with our friends at The Hockey Shop, who are waiting to help you build your dream set now.

As much fun as it is to design your own graphics on the customizer, the bigger custom news on the new CCM EFlex 5 pad is the ability to customize your own rebounds. For the first time ever, goalies can order Max Rebound technology, the specialized foam layer designed to increase rebound speed and distance, in combination with the soft, flexible feel of the EFlex line.

We walked through that new option, plus a few other new features, at The Hockey Shop as part of this week’s gear segment for the upcoming Episode of the InGoal Radio Podcast in the video above.

As the video hints at the end, we’ve got a lot more information on the new EFlex 5 line coming March 26, and as you can see we already had the chance to get on-ice feedback. As for other custom options, and more details on your choice between CCM’s new Control Rebound foam option and the Max Rebound previously seen on AXIS and Premier lines, you can read about all the options by downloading the entire CCM goalie catalogue on the customizer page.

Of course, if you have any more questions, including how to get your order placed, reach out to Cam at The Hockey Shop Goal Department. And if you just want to play with the customizer and design your favorite graphic (it’s the only thing on our calendar between now and next week, to be honest), why not win one of our new InGoal Magazine hoodies while you’re at it.

We decided to give one away on Instagram, and all you have to do is post your custom design with hashtag #CCMEFLEX5DESIGN and we’ll choose a winner by the end of the weekend.

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