Goalie Mindset expert Pete Fry is back with more key mindset tips that will help you become a better goaltender. Pete played in the Western Hockey League for the Portland Winterhawks and the Victoria Cougars. He was drafted by the New Jersey Devils. Today he works with goaltenders of all levels, from minor hockey to professionals, helping them achieve more on the ice through developing their mental skills.

Daily routines can make a significant difference in your success as a goalie, and how far you go in your goalie career. The routines of training on and off the ice are part of this, the routines of eating well and getting the proper rest. And I’m sure most of you have a routine that is important to you before games and practices.  

Today though I am going to focus on an important routine that many goaltenders are missing out on. You might have the best routines throughout your day but if you don’t get it started properly from the moment you get out of bed, you’re missing out on a key opportunity. In fact if you don’t start your day in a powerful way you may find things don’t go as well as you had hoped – and you might not even realize it all traces back to how you started your day. So if you believe it’s important to have a proper routine each time you go to the rink – why are you leaving how you start every day to chance? 

I’m going to give you a simple 10-minute morning mindset routine specific for goalies that can help you have your best days and help you achieve your dreams.

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