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InGoal Radio Episode 131
with Jhonas Enroth

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Episode 131 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features a lengthy interview with Jonas Enroth as he begins his 15th professional season in a career that included eight in the NHL. 

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, Enroth talks about his evolution from those early days in Sweden, to being drafted by the Buffalo Sabres and learning from Jim Corsi and with Ryan Miller, to his return to Europe after eight years with the Sabres, Dallas Stars, Los Aneles Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs. Currently playing for Örebro HK in the Swedish Hockey League, Enroth shares some great lessons on succeeding as a 5-foot-10 goalie in today’s game, how he still tries to learn from watching other NHL goalies even after 15 years (and who he likes to watch), the differences in coaching and style in Sweden compared to North America, and a great story about how he tried to get ahead of the reverse-VH curve when he was in the NHL by reaching out to Swedish coaches, who as we know led the way inventing the technique. 

All that plus another trip to The Hockey Shop to for a fun fashion show with Cam that includes camouflage, animal print and even some snakeskin, with era-appropriate theme music to match Woody’s glam rock era haircut! You’ll have to listen or watch the video to find out what piece of gear this applies to: