We doubled up our first Pro Reads session with Troy Grosenick from last season with the Los Angeles Kings, a 2-for-1 bonus session that featured a couple of rush chances against the Colorado Avalanche that left many asking for more insights from the ninth-year pro.

Grosenick has since moved on to the Boston Bruins as a free agent, but we wanted to make sure we continued with his breakdowns from his two starts with the Kings last season.


After starting with a couple of really detailed reads against the rush, this time Grosenick walks us through a chance generated from behind the net against the Anaheim Ducks, which was the first NHL start in more than six years for the 31-year-old Wisconsin native. Grosenick, who made 33 saves to backstop a 5-1 win that night, has been working on his post play, but before we get to his breakdown of the play and those changes, let’s take a look at the situation:

This play actually started on Grosenick’s left but as it comes out into the corner to his right and Ducks forward Max Jones (no. 49) gets to this puck and prepares to throw it back behind the net, who do you think is the most dangerous player in the freeze frame above?
As the play comes back behind the net to Sam Steel (No. 23), with the puck and momentum again headed back to Grosenick’s left side in the second freeze frame above, what do you make of his decision to keep himself on the short side post both in terms of positioning and vision?


As we take a look at the entire save below, you’ll notice that Grosenick bumped off the short side post to open a window for himself earlier in the sequence, but he doesn’t here.

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