Alex Nedeljkovic Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire

Alex Nedeljkovic was among the 30-plus NHL goalies to change teams since an extended Pro Reads session on the eve of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but just because he’s going to be stopping pucks for the Detroit Red Wings now doesn’t mean we’re going to waste any of the insights the 25-year-old shared while breaking down footage in a Carolina Hurricanes uniform.

After doubling up with two somewhat related saves in Nedeljkovic’s Pro Reads debut we will focus on one stop this time, but because he’s so open about his decision-making process, and detailed in his assessments of them, the video is still over five minutes long.


Before we get to Nedeljkovic’s Pro Read, let’s see how you assess this rush chance against the Nashville Predators so you can compare notes with the new Detroit starter at the end:

As the puck is passed across the blue line to Filip Forsberg on the right wing, what may have looked like a simple 3-on-3 rush becomes a different type of chance because he’s in behind the back-checking Hurricanes forward. It’s early, but what key factors are you looking for above?

As the play gets closer, this is what Nedeljkovic is looking up at:

Other than the fact Forsberg, an elite NHL goal scorer, is moving into a pretty good shooting position with the puck on his forehand, what other information are you looking for in terms of his passing options? Given those options, what do you make of Nedeljkovic’s positioning, with his heels still on top of the crease, at this point of the attack? What information matters the most in terms of the passing options to the right of Nedeljkovic?


Now let’s take a look at the entire sequence to see how it played out:

Watching how this played out, what do you think of the way Nedeljkovic uses a bit of a reverse c-cut with his right skate ahead of — and as part of — his push to the right? What do you think of his path across, taking that time to target his post rather than pushing straight across?


 Now let’s hear Nedeljkovic break it down, including why he pushed across like that:

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