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Carey Rie looking down ice close up

Mike Smith graciously spent 30 minutes on ice at the NET360 camp with the two youngest goalies on the ice going over some of his keys to being a world-class puck handler. 

We’ve broken it up into a series of four shorter videos to share with our InGoal Premium Members.

Part one of the series included a look at purposeful practice, accepting mistakes, the importance of skating beyond traditional crease movement patterns, and getting your defensemen and coaches on the same page about where to go on the ice. 

In part two Smith answered a few questions, talking about how he holds the stick, reading the forecheck and the vital role that communication plays.

In part three the goalies work through a few skating drills emphasizing the footwork skills that help set him apart from his peers.

Today we conclude with part four as the Oilers veteran has a few closing thoughts for the goaltenders about daily practice and working towards becoming a great puckhandler. You’ll note near the end that¬† 2020-21 AHL All-Star Zane McIntyre, who had been watching the session attentively, joins in on the talk. Smith’s elite¬† skill is highly respected not just by young up and coming goaltenders – he has earned the respect¬† of his professional peers as one of the very best.

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