Alex Nedeljkovic Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire

Alex Nedeljkovic is well into his first season with the Detroit Red Wings and apparently getting comfortable behind a new team and system, with a save percentage above .930 in four of his past six starts. The plan is to catch up with the goalie affectionately known as Ned when the Wings come to Vancouver later this season but in the meantime, we don’t want to waste any of his insights from a lengthy video review session last summer, even if that means revisiting some saves while still with the Carolina Hurricanes.


This save involves more of a broken-play scramble after Nedeljkovic reached up for a high point shot that was deflected down off the hip and the loose puck bounced straight to an opponent:

While there isn’t a lot of “read” involved in terms of passing or shooting, believe it or not there are some important principles at play when it comes to desperation saves. So, before we get them from Nedeljkovic himself below, take a look at the freeze frame above and see if you can list any keys you’d be relying on in terms of how you recover from this situation.


Now take a look at the entire sequence to see if they matched how Nedeljkovic handled it.

It’s tempting to see it as a purely reactive save, but are there any elements of how Nedeljkovic handled it that stand out to you? We’ll give you a hint: He identified one of them in his second Pro Reads emphasizing the prioritizing angle on any lateral movement, even desperate ones.


Now let’s hear Nedeljkovic explain some of his keys to an otherwise desperation save:

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