Alex Nedeljkovic Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire

Alex Nedeljkovic is about to start his second season with the Detroit Red Wings this week, which makes this our last chance to finish up with the video breakdowns we did with still wearing Carolina Hurricanes colors right before the trade two summers ago.

We obviously didn’t want to waste any of his great insights, and now that we’ve finally made our way through them all, we look forward to re-connecting with Nedeljkovic to review some Red Wings footage, which will also come as a relief to members of the Detroit goalie department who wondered last season why he kept appearing with his old team.


In this sequence Nedeljkovic deals with a couple of sharp-angle attacks against the Columbus Blue Jackets – one from above the goal line and another after being forced to go side to side on a play below it – which was a perfect chance to expand on his post play evolution.

Seeing this freeze frame, which is admittedly limited because it won’t show you the speed or the route the attacker took to get to this point, can you see any clues that might provide a hint as to whether that player is going to cut behind the net or out front?

What do you make of Nedeljkovic being in reverse at this point?

Anything thoughts on his technique?

Clearly this is a different situation but from a similar spot? Who is the most dangerous player at this point? What information are you looking for as a goalie? Any thoughts on Nedeljkovic dropping into Reverse at this point? Is there a threshold on the ice in your mind where it becomes necessary? Again, any thoughts on his Reverse execution at this stage?


Watch the entire sequence, with both chances, and ask yourself the same questions?

Did you spot the tell on the net drive in terms of when it became clear he wasn’t cutting behind the net? Was there anything about Nedeljkovic’s execution in Reverse or moving side to side that stands out? For those that haven’t yet watched his past entries, check out Pro Read 5 for clues, as he also discussed the evolution of his post play while breaking down that clip.


Let’s hear from Nedeljkovic to get his approach and keys for managing both situations. We accidentally played the video in the wrong order, starting with the wraparound before going back to the initial sharp-angle net drive that preceded it, but his key points stand:

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