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Elvis Merzlikins returns for his second appearance in Pro Reads after the Columbus Blue Jackets No. 1 did an in-person video review session with InGoal Magazine earlier this season.

Merzlikins’ Pro Reads debut was a two-parter that started with a rush chance and concluded with a behind-the-net play and pass out against the Nashville Predators. To the surprise of no one who listened to our interview with Merzlikins on the InGoal Radio Podcast last summer, the affable Latvian puck-stopper was honest and insightful while breaking down his play.


Merzlikins returns to review a more straight-forward attack, a 2-on-1 from outside the blue line against the Vegas Golden Knights, but in it Merzlikins covers everything from backwards flow, to reading hands, to building a wall above the pad and when to drop your stick or not.

Taking a look at this rush chance in the freeze frame above — and of course that means without the benefit of knowing the speed of the attack — what are the primary factors that jump out to you as a goalie? What do you make of Merzlikins’ depth decision at this point?

We can see Merzlikins has given up some of that ice as this play continues as he retreats to match the pace of the attack, but what’s the biggest thing that’s changed in the second freeze frame in terms of reading the most likely option for the puck carrier?

Are you thinking pass or shot at this point?


Now let’s watch the entire sequence and see if you can spot any other information about this 2-on-1 and see if it played out as you expected based on the information in the freeze frames:

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