Frederik Andersen photo: Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire

Frederik Andersen was the second NHL goalie to take part in Pro Reads, trailing only Carey Price with his video breakdown debut while with the Toronto Maple Leafs. But it’s been more than 14 months since Andersen last graced this space, so we were excited to be able to catch up with him excelling as the new No. 1 for the Carolina Hurricanes recently.  ​


The first of another half-dozen breakdowns with Andersen features a 3-on-2 rush against the Columbus Blue Jackets. As they hit the blue line, what key factors can you identify already:

Just a few strides into the offensive zone later, however, things have changed significantly:

With a better picture of the back pressure and play-making veteran Jakub Voracek pulling up just inside the blue line to make a backhand pass, who is the most dangerous threat?

Do you notice anything about the way the defense is playing this that affects your read?

Lastly, what do you make of Andersen’s positioning at this point in the sequence?

The Save

Rather than giving too much away with another freeze frame, let’s take a look at the entire save sequence now and see if you identified some of the indicators of what was to come:

Did you pick up on Carolina defenseman Ian Cole stepping up on Voracek, and the fact that could turn this 3-on-2 into a 2-on-1? Did you notice anything about the positioning of Blue Jackets sniper Patrik Laine on his one-time side that tipped off a pass instead of a shot?

Any thoughts on the depth decisions of Andersen relative to it all before we get him to explain how he saw this entire sequence take form, and how he made his decisions defending it?


Let’s hear from Andersen now:

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