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Episode 71 Kevin Weekes

InGoal Radio Episode 162
with Glenn “Chico” Resch

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Episode 162 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features an entertaining conversation with long-time NHL goalie and current New Jersey Devils broadcasting legend Glenn “Chico” Resch.

In that feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, Resch shares stories from getting his start playing goal in gumboots as a youngster growing up in Regina, to winning the Stanley Cup with the New York Islanders as part of a 14-year career that included a couple of NHL All-Star awards, and playing in the Canada Cup with both Team Canada and Team USA! Resch shares tales from several teammates, including an incredible story about how and when “Battling” Billy Smith actually started to prepare for each game, as well as sharing advice from his playing and broadcasting career that should resonate with goalies of every level even today, including great mindset tip he got from Martin Brodeur. 

All that, plus a trip to The Hockey Shop Source for Sports to look at how to properly fit goalie pads, whether it’s in store playing dress up, or online with a tape measure, including a “twist” on those ankle/floor-to-knee measurements that was news to us!

Looking for Kevin’s favourite childhood TV show, Mr. Dressup? Look no further – it’s here.