ElvisĀ Merzlikins returns for his third appearance in Pro Reads after the Columbus Blue Jackets No. 1 did an in-person video review session with InGoal Magazine earlier this season.

Merzlikinsā€™ Pro Reads debut was a two-parter that started with a rush chance and concluded with a behind-the-net play and pass out against the Nashville Predators, and his follow-up featured a detailed breakdown of a 2-on-1 against the Vegas Golden Knights.


Merzlikins returns to review an in-zone sequence against the Dallas Stars this season that turns into an apparent 2-on-2 down low after Columbus turns it over trying to exit the zone.

Looking at the scenario above after the turnover, what is the most dangerous threat?

What do you take away from the way Merzlikins has set up for this chance? Keep in mind, the play never got out of the Columbus end, so this isnā€™t a traditional rush chance with plenty of time to read things early or take extra ice while the play comes through the neutral zone.

Do things look any different from behind the net as Jamie Benn gets set to make his pass?

Given the proximity of the backdoor threat, if that pass goes through, are you coming across on your knees or trying to beat it on your skates? Have you identified other threats yet?

Would they affect that decision coming across the ice?


Now letā€™s watch the entire sequence and how Merzlikins handled it?

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