Eric Comrie photo : Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire

Eric Comrie continues to have a breakthrough season in tough circumstances as the Winnipeg Jets backup, posting a .912 save percentage despite routinely going weeks between starts behind star No. 1 Connor Hellebuyck. As Comrie told us a couple of times this season, it’s a testament to his work with goaltending coach Wade Flaherty to stay prepared.

It’s also a testament to Comrie’s ability to simplify his reads, something that has made him a popular participant in these Pro Reads video breakdowns. We’ve made plans to update his library with footage from this season, but first we wanted to roll out Comrie’s last session from his brief stint with the New Jersey Devils last season. His insights are too good to waste. 


Comrie is facing an in-zone read 5-on-5 against the Buffalo Sabres on this one, with a point shot as the primary threat and a moving screen to navigate to get eyes on the release.

With the shot about to come and the screen moving from his left to his right, what do you make of Comrie’s positioning in the freeze frame above, both in terms of shot lane and depth?

Any concern he hasn’t really squared up on the shooter? Any thoughts as to why that might be on purpose? Look at it from another angle below to get a better idea of sight lines:


Because the movement of that screen directly in front of Comrie plays such a big role in his thought process, watch the save video below to see if any of your answers change:

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