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Beer League Breakdowns

by | Sep 2, 2022

InGoal is pleased to welcome Jamie Phillips, as he shares his knowledge in nutrition and training with InGoal Members. Also look for him on the InGoal Radio Podcast where he joined us for a feature interview.

Jamie is a former professional goaltender who played in Europe, the ECHL and AHL after an NCAA career at Michigan Tech where he now serves as goaltending coach. He has completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Kinesiology and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Phillips began Phillips Sports Performance with one goal in mind, to help athletes perform at their best each and every day through scientifically backed programming in both nutrition and off ice training. He can be reached via DM on his Instagram page @phillipssportsperformance

Ahh man, nothing like sitting in your gear after a big win and cracking a cold one with your beer league teammates.

“Psssssssssch … k”

I can taste the sweet hoppy flavor of victory.

Unless you’re on the losing team, then this idyllic scene is more like Matt Damon in Invictus than a celebration (warning, PG-13 language).

This reminiscing was brought on by a question that was asked to me a few days ago: “Is having a couple of beers after a game a good or a bad thing?”

Free Download

Looking for some meal guidance? Download this free recipe from Jamie Phillips.

Instead of alcohol after a game, below is a recipe for a non-alcoholic, rehydrating beverage that you can enjoy after a game, workout or anytime.

For more recipes, training information and to learn about working with Jamie please visit Phillips Sports Performance. He can also be reached via DM on his Instagram page @phillipssportsperformance

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