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After listening to Scott Wedgewood deliver a detailed breakdown of the evolution of his game and technique on the InGoal Radio Podcast, we knew we had to get him to break down some video for Pro Reads and the Dallas Stars stopper didn’t disappoint in his debut.

That first video session included advice on how to spot a fake slap shot, the importance of recognizing when not to take too much ice, and so much more. Now it’s time for Part 2.


Like his Pro Reads debut, Wedgewood is again facing his former team, the Tampa Bay Lightning but instead of a power play, this time the teams are 5-on-5 in the Dallas defensive zone:

It’s not the best freeze frame because the camera zooms in below the net from here, but as the puck is cycled down low and goes behind the net, what information are you looking for?


Rather than give too much away with another freeze frame from behind the net, watch the entire sequence, and see how early you can spot the biggest threat on the ice:

Having seen the entire sequence, including that behind the net angle, what did you think of the way Wedgewood handled the scenario? Did you notice many times he looked off the puck?

What about the decision to slide across rather than try to beat it on his feet:


Now let’s check in with Wedgewood on both the look offs and the decision to slide:

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