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InGoal Radio Episode 197
with Brian Daccord

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Episode 197 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features Brian Daccord, Former NHL Goaltending coach now President  of Stop-It Goaltending, Director of Goaltending Development for Sense Arena and author.

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, Daccord talks about the change in the game and our need to adapt, the challenges of being a goalie dad, the need to learn how to read the game at a high level and (spoiler alert) that InGoal is one of the best ways to do that! He also talks about the importance of playing games in a goaltenders development being key – practice simply can’t replicate the game environment, the challenges and pressure and of course, the reads. Daccord release How to Be a Goalie Parent last year and has just put out his next book that he introduces in this interview. How to Be a Goalie looks at the mental side of the game and your approach to the position, rather than the technical specifics of being a goaltender.

All that, plus Woody and Cam at the new location of The Hockey Shop Source for Sports (now in Langley) dig into Santa’s bag to look at some great gifts for goalies this Christmas.