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InGoal Radio Episode 198
with Darren Pang

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Episode 197 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features an incredibly fun, informative conversation with former Chicago Blackhawks goalie and current TNT and St. Louis Blues television analyst Darren Pang.

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, Pang shares his roots in the game, including how and why his dad talked him into becoming a goalie when all he originally wanted to do was score goals; his path to the NHL, including the importance of believing in and standing up for yourself, even if it takes call to the General Manager on a Sunday night; the impact and importance of having a goalie coach like Wayne Thomas as far back as the 1980s; and being bullied by Iron Mike Keenan, and the story of writing an actual book on NHL shooters that the infamous coach commandeered for himself.

This half hour interview barely scratches the surface of Pang’s incredible life in — and impact on — the game and the position, but still includes incredible stories from his career as a goalie and broadcaster, including his thoughts on the modern game and how it’s changing again, as well as a long list of insights that will help goalies of every age and style.

All that, plus a trip to the new location of The Hockey Shop Source for Sports (now in Langley) for a look at some of the savings up to 50% off in their upcoming Boxing Day Sale.

Darren Pang photos Cliff Welch and Vincent Muzik / Icon Sportswire