Braden Holtby may be done playing in the NHL but we still have a couple of Pro Reads from our lengthy in-person video session in his last season, and we don’t want to waste any insights from the Stanley Cup- and Vezina Trophy-winning goalie who read plays so incredibly well.


This time Holtby is facing a breakaway from the blue line against the New York Rangers:

Looking at the freeze frame above, what do you notice about Holtby’s positioning as Dryden Hunt gets close to the top of the face-off circle? Beyond the fact he isn’t squaring on the puck or shooter to start this sequence, what do you make of his depth at this point?
Less than a second later, Holtby is square, but still well outside his crease in this second freeze frame. What do you think of his depth at this point, with Hunt still above the hash marks?


Like every rush chance, the speed of the attack matters, so let’s watch the entire sequence and see if you can identify Holtby’s keys to managing depth against a breakaway:


Now let’s listen in on Holtby’s keys to managing a breakaway.

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