With the Stanley Cup Playoffs fully underway, we were reminded that we still have a couple Pro Reads left to unveil with Braden Holtby, one of three Cup winners we’ve featured.

Holtby may have retired from the NHL ahead of this season but it would be silly to waste any insights from our lengthy in-person video session during the Vezina Trophy-winner.


After more of a straight-on breakaway last time, Holtby is facing a potential 2-on-0 against the Columbus Blue Jackets this time, with Patrik Laine cutting in on more of an angle:

As Laine corals that puck atop the top of the right face-off circle, what factors are you considering in terms of pass or shooting? Any thoughts on how Holtby sets up?
Less than a second later, ask yourself the same questions as Holtby squares up on Laine?

What do you make of Holtby being almost outside that short-side post?

Are you thinking pass, shot or deke at this point? Why?


Of course, speed matters on a chance like this, so look at the entire sequence:


Now let’s listen in on Holtby’s keys to managing this 2-on-0.

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