Thatcher Demko is back as the Vancouver Canucks No. 1 after recovering from groin injury that kept him out three months, so it only made sense to go back to him for another Pro Reads. The San Diego native has been exceptional in his first four entries, explaining how he sees the game and chooses depth, save selections and post integrations based on a variety of factors.


This time Demko is facing a Calgary Flames power play opportunity late last season, which at that time meant trying to make a read off slick, skilled forward Johnny Gaudreau:

Gaudreau has three passing options as he recovers this puck below the goal line in the freeze frame above: Sean Monahan up top, Elias Lindholm in front and Matthew Tkachuk on the back door. Can you see any indicators at this point where he might be passing?

Who in your mind is the most dangerous threat from here?

What do you make of Demko’s positioning on the post?


There’s actually a second read involved but we’d be giving away too much information about the first part if we show a freeze frame of the second, so watch the entire sequence now:

As we said, this is a two-parter.

We’ll start with that first pass from Gaudreau? Looking at the passing options and how Demko was positioned, do you think he was in a good spot to handle all three? Once that pass goes up high, are you at all surprised that Demko regains his feet with a push to the middle?

From there, we’re on to part two of this read: Pass or shoot for Monahan?

Did you see any indicators that he was going to make that pass to Tkachuk? What did you think of how Demko handled it by sliding outside his post, rather than into it?


Let’s hear how Demko read both the initial threats and the second pass-or-shoot decision:

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