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InGoal Radio Episode 231
with Thomas Magnusson

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Episode 231 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features the return of Thomas Magnusson, Sweden’s Head of Goaltending Development.

The feature interviews, presented by Sense Arena, Magnusson, who is also co-founder and co-owner of Sweden Hockey Institute, catches us up on his seemingly never-ending journey to learn more about the position he loves, including journeys to the dark side of scoring development that has put the goalies in a position of playing catch up, and being invited to present to the Toronto Maple Leafs on how workload affects goalie health and performance. It’s another deep dive into the art and science of goaltending, including great insights into why (and how) goalie coaches may need to re-thinking practice plans, applicable lessons of Ecological Dynamics from a virtual Sport Movement Skill Conference, and the impact of soon-to-be Hall of Fame Henrik Lundqvist on goaltending in Sweden.

Also, we talk about the upcoming coaches conference at the 2024 World Junior Championship in Sweden. Anyone with a strong interest in learning from and participating in the discussions at the goaltending stream of the conference are welcome to attend, which also include tickets to the bronze, silver and gold medal games of the tournament.

All that, plus an in-person trip to The Hockey Shop Source for Sports for a look at the new CCM AXIS XF mask, with an innovative new 3D printed liner that improves comfort, protection and breathability.