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Hey Carey, how do you break in your glove?

InGoal had Carey Price mic’d up at the Eli Wilson Goaltending #DayWithPrice camp recently. We’ve found over the years that his casual interactions with the young students are some of the highlights of the day. Open and honest, Price is relaxed and as happy to share his knowledge as he is to joke around and share some light-hearted moments.

In a brief chat we captured on video, Price answers a common question he has received over the years many times, “how do you break in a glove?”

For most of us that means one, or at most two, gloves have to be broken in each a season. For an NHL goaltender like Price though, it means up to a dozen in a season – or in one NHL case we heard of (not Price) it means one glove a week. So Carey has learned a little trick, one that is not so easy for the average goaltender to try unfortunately.

Check out the video below to learn about Price’s method…and we know we sometimes say a glove closes like butter but, well, have a listen for yourself.



A couple of things worth noting that have popped up in the comments on social for this video:

  1. Price uses a skate oven – not a glove steamer as some accounts have advocated using. He is not telling you to go try a glove steamer, and neither are we. 
  2. CCM gloves are actually made to be formed in the oven. CCM reposted our video on their Instagram account and the question came up – is a skate oven OK? Will it void the warranty? No, not if done correctly. The gloves are in fact, thermoformable.  You can hear from CCM directly in the comments on their Instagram page @CCMGoalie. 


We will chat with our friends at The Hockey Shop about putting your glove in a skate oven and follow up with CCM as well in a future edition of the InGoal Radio podcast. In the meantime, hit us up in the comments below or over on one of our social channels….have you tried this? Will you be giving it a go?

Nobody is as influential as Carey with goaltneders so we have to wonder – how many people have Googled about buying a skate oven now?

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InGoal Podcast

We welcomed Carey onto the InGoal Radio Podcast again, this time in episode  – 31 of course – where we shared a Q & A session he held in the room with all the students at the Eli Wilson camp. 

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