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PREMIUM: Frederik Andersen Pro-Read

InGoal has just launched the new Premier Edition with exclusive content for members. It’s a hybrid of magazine and website, or as we like to say, half magazine, half website, all goaltending. This is a short excerpt from one of our first articles. For more on InGoal Premium please visit

Toronto Maple Leaf Goaltender Frederik Andersen was already aware of our new Pro-Reads segment when we met him after practice recently; he and his goaltending coach Steve Briere had seen the first installment with Carey Price and Freddie was happy to contribute his own experience to our readers here at InGoal.

The Situation

Andersen faces pressure from Buffalo’s Jeff Skinner driving down low. Skinner has already beaten one Leaf defender while two additional Sabres are driving the net in the right half of the zone. With his second defender applying pressure to the puck carrier as well, Andersen faces three threats with little support.

As you look at this snapshot from the scenario what do you notice? What would you do?

Once you get to the video you’ll see that Andersen processed quite a bit almost instantaneously from this scenario…the shooter and his options, the motion of the puck, the two threats, his d-man’s actions and how ultimately he’d have to respond.

Before looking at the full scenario though, please take a moment to consider what you see here and make a few mental notes.

Of course,  Anseren has to process this all in real time at NHL game speed – he doesn’t have the luxury of freezing the action. But this is still an excellent exercise to engage in for goaltenders of all ages.

The Save

OK, you’ve had a chance to study the freeze-frame of the situation and to consider what you might notice in the blink of an eye.  Now lets see a bit of what Andersen saw in this scenario. You’ll get a taste of what Pro-Reads are all about – and if you become an InGoal Premium Member you’ll get a chance to see the complete breakdown of this save – with more to come as we roll out a different Pro-Read each week.

InGoal Premium Article

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