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PREMIUM: Malcolm Subban’s Stick Tricks

InGoal has just launched the new Premier Edition with exclusive content for members. It’s a hybrid of magazine and website, or as we like to say, half magazine, half website, all goaltending. This is a short excerpt from one of our first articles. For more on InGoal Premium please visit

It was a game day and InGoal was outside the locker rooms at Rogers Arena, waiting for the Vancouver Canucks and Vegas Golden Knights to take the ice for morning skate ahead of a game that night when Malcolm Subban walked by with two sticks and a can of spray paint.

Always gracious with his time with InGoal over the years, the Golden Knights backup stopped for a quick chat and when our curiosity about the spray cans and smell of fresh paint came up, he promised to explain it all after Vegas got off the ice. Turns out the flat spray paint, which Subban applies to the blade for a little added grip and puck handling feel, was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the unique elements of Subban’s composite Warrior goal stick.


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