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PREMIUM: Puckhandling on the backside post

InGoal has just launched the new Premier Edition with exclusive content for members. It’s a hybrid of magazine and website, or as we like to say, half magazine, half website, all goaltending. This is a short excerpt from one of our first articles. For more on InGoal Premium please visit

This brief sample from one of the first articles in the InGoal Premium Edition comes from Florida Panthers Goaltending Coach Rob Tallas and the NET360 Camp in Kelowna, BC

Todays’ goaltender is becoming more involved in a team’s breakout than ever before. While the long pass to the far blueline is exciting, it’s the quick outlet pass that more often makes a big difference throughout a game. This short tip will give you more time and space to open up options in your puckhandling.

The Net360 camp in Kelowna each summer is a collaborative setting where coaches, goaltenders and players work together to advance their game heading into the new season. In this video, I worked along with Fred Brathwaite of Hockey Canada on some puckhandling options for goaltenders, demonstrated by James Reimer who was with me in Florida at the time. This simple technique I learned several years ago while working with Ben Bishop, one of the game’s best puckhandlers.

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