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PREMIUM: Three Mental Zone System

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The three Mental Zone System for a goalie is a way for you to get maximum focus from your brain during a game. Your brain only has a certain amount of focus energy that you can draw from and if you run out of it or it runs low then you may have a challenge concentrating during the game.

Philadelphia Flyers Carter Hart and Tri-City Americans Beck Warm use concentration grids as a regular part of their training; however, they never use them on the day of the game. They realize that they have to conserve the limited amount of focus energy they have for their game.

By using the Three Mental Zone system you get maximum focus from your brain in a game when you most need it and you conserve your focus in a game when you get the opportunity.

Let me first explain what each of the three mental zones are, what their purpose is and what you should be doing in these zones during a game.


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